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NB WEB – user-friendly online booking engine for your web site

We offer our clients the up-to-day online booking engine which makes the reservation process easy and comfortable for a customer and a hotel manager. Online room selling is modern and effective method of hotel distribution. With NB WEB you'll be able to sell rooms with less expenses and receive the highest revenue.

67% of potential customers leave hotel's web site because they are not satisfied with instant booking system.

NB WEB booking engine is perfectly adapted to a hotel's web site design and has a wide functionality:

  • NB WEB allows booking of all types of rooms and creating different rate plans
  • With NB WEB customers can book additional services of a hotel: everything from flowers and dinner to museum tickets and so on
  • NB WEB allows to order a transfer from/to airport or railway station with point of flight or train number
  • All bookings are guaranteed by credit cards
  • The engine picks up reviews about the hotel from the customers who made reservation via NB WEB

All hotels working with NB WEB have an access to Nota Bena Central Reservation System (NB CRS). In the system hotel's staff can easily manage rates and availability, additional services, hotel's news, etc.

All bookings received from web site through NB WEB contain the full information about customer, including contacts details.