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The Nota Bena company was founded in 1995. Its basic direction of activity is development and support of the software products for the tourism industry. Our key clients are travel agencies, hotels, enterprises in tourism industry, Russian state structures, foreign firms. The company has successfully realized hundreds of projects in the field of the tourist industry. The main advantage of our servers is the self-support reached by means of use of the high technologies.

The main direction of activity of the company is the booking tourist services worldwide. The main Russian-speaking project of the company - HOTELS.SU – is worldwide hotels booking system, created in view of all advanced development in the field of information technologies. The Nota Bena company is actively engaged in the development of the tourist industry and aspires to make it closer and more convenient for people. The company uses only checked up and a trustworthy information, constantly makes changes to existing databases. Clearness, efficiency, reliability are the key bases of the Nota Bena activity.

Today the Nota Bena company offers independent and chain hotels in Russia and worldwide the up-to-date promotion service in online distribution channels. The company successfully integrates unique knowledge in IT and modern hotel industry marketing to provide the clients with the best tool for increase the number of direct bookings in hotel via online distribution services including hotel's web site.